Program for Increasing Youth Participation in Local Governments Starts!

We are pleased to announce our program to support young candidates for municipal council members for the local elections that will take place on 31 March 2024. The program, under which 100 young people between the ages of 18-30 who want to be a municipal council member will take part, will include a total of 7 trainings on the themes of Political Communication and Campaigning, Urban Policies and Policy Making, Legislation in Local Governments, Fieldwork and Data Analysis. Besides these trainings, the candidates will also have the opportunity to come together with experienced politicians, public opinion researchers, academics and journalists at networking events on a regular basis. The program to begin in November will last approximately three months. Following the program, candidates will receive campaign support from Arayuz Campaign throughout their candidacy campaigns.

We are aware that the representation of multi-vocal youth from different backgrounds in local governments is one of the foundations of participation within the scope of this program, which we will carry out for our goal of a Türkiye where the participation of young people in general, local and civil politics increases. For this reason, all parties that will participate in local elections will have quotas in the program.

What are the Participation Requirements in the Program?

To participate in the support program for young candidates organized by Arayuz Campaign, you need to fulfil the qualifications for election eligibility and be between the ages of 18-30. Anyone who fulfils these two conditions can apply for the program via

Why Do You Support Those Who Want to Become Municipal Council Members?

In our country, where nearly 17 million young people live, meeting the demands and needs of young people, expanding democratic participation and developing a common life awareness are very important for ensuring democracy. Local municipal councils are one of the institutions where young people facing poverty, unemployment, inflation, precarity, and insecurity can directly participate and have the fastest influence. In this regard, we focused on young people who want to become municipal council members this year so that young people can have their problems heard, find an interlocutor, exercise their fundamental right to participate, and eventually take part in solution mechanisms.

Is There a Problem If I Participated in the Program but I Am Not a Candidate for the Municipal Council in this Election?

The main objective of the program is to strengthen the capacities of young people interested in local politics and prepare them therefor. In this context, it has been designed as a call for young people who want to become a municipal council member. Nonetheless, you are welcome to apply to the program as a young person interested in local politics. There is no requirement such as being a candidate for municipal council.

Is There Any Fee for the Program?

All costs of the program are covered by Arayuz Campaign. Participants will not be charged any fee.

Do I Need to Attend All of the Trainings?

Participants within the program are allowed to skip at most one of the trainings. Participants who do not attend more than once will lose their rights in the program and new applicants will be invited from the reserve list.

Are the Trainings Face to Face?

All trainings will be held face-to-face in various places to be prepared by Arayuz Campaign. This will both provide an environment where the participants will be able to establish a bond among themselves and create an appropriate atmosphere to connect with the trainers.

Is There a Certificate Upon Completion of the Trainings?

Participants who attend all the trainings will receive a certificate issued by Arayuz Campaign.

Could I participate from outside Istanbul?

The program is only for young people living in Istanbul.

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