Arayuz Campaign in Parliament!

Representing the Arayuz Campaign, our Campaign Director Nevzat Taşcı and Communication Director Serra Semiz met with MPs from various parties at the Turkish Grand National Assembly on October 5-6. Within the scope of this visit, we met with CHP İzmir MP Gökçe Gökçen, CHP İstanbul MP Namık Tan, CHP Zonguldak MP Deniz Yavuzyılmaz and CHP […]


Since 2020, we have carried out various activities for the recognition of young people’s rights, acceptance of their status as subjects and democratic participation. We have listened to and reported on the problems of young people through focus group studies, created spaces of interaction between politics and youth, conducted media campaigns to ensure that the […]

CDR Youth Project Concluded

In cooperation with CDR, we organized 3 workshops in 3 cities, Istanbul, Rize and Trabzon. The aim of the project was to support young people between the ages of 18-25 to identify the problems that concern them and to produce innovative solutions for these problems. These problems covered areas such as youth representation, youth poverty, […]

Third Arayuz Youth Summit Concluded

The third Arayüz Youth Summit, which has become a tradition, took place on Wednesday, May 3rd. This year, we focused on the 2023 General Elections. Accordingly, we held Round Table meetings with young parliamentary candidates during the nomination process before the Summit. During the meetings, we listened to young parliamentary candidates about the dynamics within […]

Youth Matters #5 – Erkan Baş

At Youth Matters #5, which took place on Wednesday 19th of April, we hosted Erkan Baş, Chairperson of the Workers’ Party of Türkiye. In the event moderated by journalist Beril Eski, Erkan Baş first answered the moderator’s questions and then answered the questions of the young people participating in the event, addressing the dominant understanding […]

Youth Matters #4 – Ahmet Davutoğlu

At Youth Matters #4, which took place on Monday evening 20th of March, we hosted Ahmet Davutoğlu, Leader of Gelecek Partisi (the Future Party). At the event moderated by political scientist Seren Selvin Korkmaz, Davutoğlu addressed questions from young people on a wide range of topics, from excessive alcohol taxes to the visa exemption on […]

Youth Matters #3 – Gökçe Gökçen

At Youth Matters #3, we hosted Gökçe Gökçen, Deputy Chairperson for Youth Policies of CHP (Republican People’s Party). The third session of Youth Matters, where Arayuz Campaign brings together young people and politicians, took place on Wednesday, 25th of January at lmpact Hub Istanbul with the participation of CHP Deputy Chairperson for Youth Policies Gökçe […]

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