Report on Invisible Youth in Politics

The aim of this study is to examine why the subgroups of the youth, which came to the fore with the 2023 elections in Türkiye, are ignored and excluded by politics. For this purpose, we first identified the youth groups that political parties and politicians do not produce promises, do not address, or are addressed […]

Young People’s Subjecthood in Politics

This report focuses on youth relations with politics in Turkey, where being young in the grip of political, economic, social and ecological crises has become a “difficult task”. It is the result of field research based on four focus groups representing different segments (organized in political parties, organized in NGOs, unorganized and non-students) and a […]

Report on Student Economics

Student Economics and Impact Arayuz Campaign conducted a reporting study on student economics and its impact on student life. University students were selected as the target audience for the study. 318 young people responded to the survey conducted for this study. In addition, 88 young people participated in the study through interviews. The data provides […]

Report on Representation of Youth in Politics

Arayuz Campaign has prepared a report on the Representation of the Turkish Youth in Politics. The initial cause of the campaign was the inadequacy of youth representation in Turkey. Arayuz Campaign has conducted this study to find out what young people think about this lack of representation. First of all, the campaign team prepared a […]

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