Arayuz Campaign Turns 1 Year Old

Arayuz Campaign has been launched on 19 May 2020 with the purpose of raising awareness on the lack of youth representation. As we completed our first year, we left behind a lot of work such as reports, live broadcasts, and policy proposals. The campaign team worked hard for a year to publicize youth issues, find solutions therefor, and ultimately bring them to the decision-makers.

4 Reports and 1 Booklet

As Arayuz Campaign team, we have prepared 4 reports and 1 booklet focusing on the problems of youth in the last 1 year. These reports are as follows respectively:

  1. Report on Youth Representation
  2. Report on the Evaluation of Universities’ Distance Education Processes
  3. Report on Political Representation of Youth in Turkey
  4. Personal Data Protection Booklet
  5. Report on Economic Situation of Students

Live Broadcasts

Live broadcasts that raise awareness about the lack of youth representation, youth issues and create a space for young people to talk about their problems by bringing decision-makers and young people together. Young people’s broadcasts and the agenda of young people! These broadcasts are as follows:

  1. 29 Episodes of “Realize” live broadcast series
  2. 10 Episodes of “Open-ended” live broadcast series

Policy Proposals in 45 Topics

We have drafted policy proposals for the solution of the youth problems we have been working on. These proposals are mainly prepared under the following headings:

  1. Transforming Distance Education
  2. Protection of Personal Data Privacy of the Youth
  3. Elimination of Personal Data Breaches
  4. Credit and Dormitories Institution (Kredi Yurtlar Kurumu) Scholarship Amount Determination Process
  5. Scholarship Distribution Processes
  6. Increasing Access to Books for University Students
  7. Improving Part-time Work Opportunities at Universities
  8. Access to Culture and Arts for the Youth
  9. Facilitating Access to Psychological Support

More than 3 thousand young people have participated in our work so far. All our work is carried out voluntarily by 39 young people. As we leave one year behind, the next step is the Arayuz Youth Summit (Arayüz Gençlik Zirvesi) where we will discuss the situation of youth and youth representation in various fields. Arayuz Campaign will continue to work for youth.

Stay tuned.

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